5GASP Project


Consortium as a whole

The 5GΑSP consortium of 13 members has been carefully selected to cover all the required research areas in a wellbalanced way, utilising their expertise, prior collaborations, and state-of-the-art technical background to match the project’s objectives successfully. The partnership structure is based on excellence, complementarity, trans-nationality and multidisciplinary. The rationale for selecting organisations was to achieve (a) balanced consortium with an adequate inclusion of experts in all research domains of the project; (b) scientific and technical background excellence; (c) high profile organisations for user involvement in the project; (d) high exploitation and dissemination potential; (e) top quality level of management.

Overall, 5GASP asserts that (a) a critical mass of skilled resources will be committed to the project, (b) it has close collaboration and complementary strengths, and (c) the scientific team has a long track record and scientific credentialss.

The consortium is composed of 13 organisations from 9 European countries (Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria) and Israel. representing an optimal mix of European excellence, Innovation and competencies. The geographical distribution of the participants is illustrated in the figure beside. Among the European project consortium members, there is a network operator and service provider representing a portion of the European and global market, 8 innovative and highly skilled SMEs and 3 research institutes/universities. Of these, 7 hold relevant leadership roles in the project: ITAv, VMWare, UPatras, ODinS, EANTC, UNIVBRIS and BLB will lead WP1 to WP7.

All partners have experience in collaborative projects and specifically in the technological areas addressed by the project, thus ensuring smooth internal interaction and timely delivery of the target results. The consortium brings together the necessary and sufficient expertise to carry out the project work meeting high quality standards of quality and timeliness. All project experts are highly skilled. The scientific, engineering, operational and management staff allocated to this project, is world class in its respective fields as indicated in section 4. Driven by their interests, these partners take corresponding leading roles in the exploitation activities and driving innovation in their domains.

The SME’s involved have highly qualified human resources that shall be able to incorporate the knowledge developed and acquired in the project into their respective companies, in the development of innovative and competitive 5G Network Applications. They are also representative of the European SME fabric working in the 5G technologies and will assure the success of our community of practice for Network Applications.

The academic partners will assure the production of high-quality educational material to be provided in our community portal, supporting SME’s that wish to bring their products into the 5G ecosystem, but lack the knowledge on how to do it. Furthermore, they will drive innovation in multi-domain, security and automatic validation of 5G Network Applications. Results from this research work will be published in highly cited magazines and journals assuring the dissemination of the project results globally.

Consortium Participants

  Short Name Full Name Country
ITAv Instituto de Telecomunicações PT
UoP University of Patras EL
UNIVBRIS University of Bristol UK
VMWARE VMware Bulgaria BG
ORO Orange Romania RO
EANTC European Advanced Networking Test Center DE
OdinS Odin Solutions ES
ININ Internet Institute Ltd. SI
LN Lamda Networks GR
YoGoKo YoGoko FR
BLB Bundleslab Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag HU
DriveU.auto DriveU.auto IL
NEO Neobility RO