Telecommunications Institute of Aveiro

ITAv is a Research Institution that mediates knowledge transfer from academia to industry. The team participating in 5GASP will fully embrace this mission by not only developing research, but also supporting European Industries (either startups or incumbent operators) in adopting the technologies associated with Network Applications. ITAv envisages securing an optimal knowledge transfer to all relevant parties through educational content, opensource contributions and standardization contributions. The focus for participation in events will target high-profile events and scientific conferences sponsored by international technical societies (e.g., IEEE, IFIP, IFAC, ACM). For publications of the most valuable project developments and results, high-impact scientific journals will be pursued.

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University of Patras

The Patras5G facility is an “isolated” Non-public Network for 5G and IoT applications

Most of the installed components are offered as Open Source but there are also dedicated components and services to support 5G and IoT scenarios. Numerous partners have deployed their technologies in the Patras 5G /Greece facility, thus creating a unique 5G playground for KPI validation and support on future verticals.

In Patras5G facility site the following tasks are performed:

  • Providing 5G standard-conformant components and Core Network infrastructure as extension of the FhG Open5GCore toolkit
  • Provide Intracom Telecom mmWave backhaul to link the access to the core network, and Fixed Wireless Access to provide broadband services to the facility
  • Integration of FhG Open5GCore with Limemicro SDR platform and the SRS UE and g/eNB
  • Enabling the E2E deployment of multiple customized-slices over the whole network – access, transport and core. This will further include the slicing of the IoT devices at the edge of the network.
  • Supporting MEC orchestration and mobility management features for the support of interactive mobile streaming edge services.
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Orange Romania 5G Lab

Orange Romania is the mobile telecommunications market leader in Romania with over 10.7 million customers in 2021 and over 2700 employees. ORO is part of the Orange Group, one of the largest multi-national corporations in the world with a strong leadership in innovation and over 272 million customers over 5 continents. ORO has invested well above 2.5 billion EUR since 1997 and is constantly investing in the network development, new technologies, products and services. ORO launched Orange 5G in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Iasi with plans to expand the coverage in other cities. ORO is first within the Orange footprint to launch 5G. The ORO 5G network offers maximum download speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps and average speeds of 600 Mbps. The Orange 5G Lab is an advanced 5G experimentation facility, in Bucharest, created in collaboration with the CAMPUS Research Center of UPB - Universitatea POLITEHNICA of Bucharest. The 5G Lab will focus on prototyping, testing and validating new 5G use-cases, new applications and equipment and will play a crucial role in the 5G-PPP / ICT projects where ORO is a partner. A team of highly skilled experts and academics will enable delivery as per the projects DoW. 5G-ASP is one of the first H2020 Projects to be fully supported by the 5G Lab Team.

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University of Murcia/OdinS

Gaia-5G is a laboratory for experimentation located in the Computer Science Faculty in the University of Murcia. Its research purposes are focused on the area of 5G technologies with virtualization and backhaul infrastructure for the Wireless connectivity, including 5G, LoRaWAN and 802.11p self-managed infrastructure that allows experimentation in different fields.

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Internet Institute Ltd.

INTERNET INSTITUTE Ltd. (ININ, www.iinstitute.eu) is an innovation-intensive SME, highly specialized in 5G, PPDR, Future Internet, Internet of Things, and Cloud-based solutions and services, with a particular focus on end-to-end network and services monitoring, QoE and QoS testing, quality assurance systems, and on Emergency Response and Intervention Management tools, application and solutions for corporate and public safety domains. The company is engaged in industrial-grade research and development, as well as product and solution integration and management. ININ will be primarily involved with integration of the PPDR ONE facility into the 5GASP environment, with the system adaptation to support multi-domain fabric related to the PPDR vertical and to provide the Network Application components for radio and core mobile network for the PPDR isolated operational mode (5G IOPS).

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