Webinar 'Automotive and Mobility'

On November 15th, the 5GASP project orchestrated a webinar titled “Automotive and Mobility”, exploring the intersection of 5G technology and transportation. This virtual event brought together industry experts, innovators, and enthusiasts passionate about the future of automotive and novel mobility solutions.

Addressing the latest advancements in the automotive sector, the webinar delved into the transformative potential of 5G technology. Discussions revolved around how 5G networks can revolutionize vehicle connectivity, enhance road safety, and pave the way for autonomous driving.

The webinar featured insightful presentations and interactive sessions, allowing participants to gain profound insights into the evolving landscape of automotive innovation. Experts highlighted the pivotal role of 5G networks in shaping the future of transportation, emphasizing the potential for smarter, more efficient, and safer mobility solutions.

Attendees engaged in thought-provoking discussions, exchanging ideas on how 5G technology could catalyze advancements in smart transportation infrastructure, connected vehicles, and the overall mobility ecosystem.

The “Automotive and Mobility” webinar by the 5GASP project served as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, fostering a deeper understanding of the immense possibilities that 5G technology offers to revolutionize the automotive and mobility industries.

The video of the webinar is available, it can be found here.